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Executive Team

Solomon T. Langley, Jr.Solomon T. Langley, Jr.
General Manager, Simplay Labs, LLC

Solomon T. Langely is responsible for leading the worldwide presence for Simplay Labs, LLC.

With more than 20 years of experience leading customer and training support organizations. Langley oversees the worldwide Simplay Labs testing centers and development programs to ensure interoperability and compatibility between CE manufacturers and DVI, HDCP, HDMI, MHL, WiHD and WiSA standards.

Prior to joining Simplay Labs, Langley served as the senior director of global customer satisfaction of Silicon Image, the leader of HD connectivity solution provider.

Before Silicon Image, he was the director of customer support and training for Echelon, the leading provider of energy control networking applications. Langley also held various technical and management positions at Amdahl Corporation, now Fujitsu, a leading provider of mainframe computers and storage systems.

Langley earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the DeVry Institute of Technology.