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HDMI 2.1 Cat-3 Cable

SL-889 HDMI 2.1 Cat-3 Cable EMI Tester


SL-870 HDMI 2.1 eARC Protocol Analyzer


SL-881 6G Handheld HDMI/MHL Audio Video Generator

SL-881-SWUPG Optional Feature Support (SCDC, DDC, EDID Editor)

Simplay Universal Test Tool (UTS)

Please note: Any discounts quoted will be applied to your order when invoiced. Please fill in your quote number and attach your quote in the 'Quote' file field.
UTS 800 MHL 3X Low Cost System Bundle
(Includes SL-811, SL-812(Laptop with Windows 7-64-bit, UTS Test Mgmt. s/w) , SL-850, SL-850a, SL-861, SL-863 and SL-863PB1 &SL-863PB2 connectors)

UTS 800 MHL 2X Low Cost System Bundle
(Includes SL-811, SL-812(Laptop with Windows 7-64-bit, UTS Test Mgmt. s/w) , SL-850, SL-850a, SL-861)

MHL 3.x Tools

Please note: SL-403 Requires you to purchase S/W from Agilent or Tektronix to function
MHL 3.0 eCBUS/AV link Protocol Tester(SL-863)
(required if upgrading from 2x to 3x)

3.x RTL Update
(maybe required in some cases to support CTS)

Optional MHL 3x Test Equipment

Select One or both:

RELT Board SL-402 Agilent version

RELT Board SL-402 Tektronic version

CBUS Sink/Source RELT board (SL-403)

EMI Cable Tester (SL-404)

MHL 2.x Tools

Please note: Without the SL-861 you will not be able to test items in Section 3.2, 4.2 and 5.2 of CTS
SL-850 -UTS MHL CBUS Module

SL-850A - UTS MHL 2.x Precision High Current Power Module

2.x RTL Update
(required for all existing customers upgrading to support 2.x CTS)

SL-861 - UTS MHL System (RX/TX) Module


SL-SERVICE (Repair/Replacement/non-warranty)


Simplay Tools Consulting

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If you received a quote please remember to place the quote# in the box above. You can mention your discount in the comments box as well. Any discount will be applied by us on your order before processing. If you have any concerns email and reference your confirmation #.