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Simplay Labs Develops New Handheld 6G HDMI® 2.0 Audio Video Generator/Analyzer (AVG)

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug 31, 2015Simplay™ Labs, LLC, a leading provider of compliance tools, standards and interoperability testing services for consumer electronics (CE) and mobile devices, today announced its SL-881 6G HDMI®/MHL® Audio Video Generator/Analyzer (AVG). The SL-881 is a cost-effective tool optimized for HDMI 2.0 and MHL research and development (R&D) and manufacturing production line use.

This compact tool is controlled through a user friendly 4.3-inch touch panel display that provides test status. It is equipped with two HDMI outputs, one HDMI input and one MHL output and provides HDMI, MHL and CEA861 (including PC formats) video formats and test patterns.

The versatile SL-881 AVG can be used to generate and analyze audio and video test patterns and can be used as a compliant tester/analyzer to validate HDMI 2.0a compliance (based on Compliance Test Specification (CTS)).  The SL-881 is listed in the HDMI 2.0a Method of Implementation (MOI) CTS as an approved validation tool for the Status and Control Data Channel (SCDC) feature. It can also be used in production lines to verify HDCP support.

“Simplay Labs is committed to delivering innovative and compliant test tools for R&D and test engineers at a price and performance that supports our mission of verification without compromise,” said Solomon Langley, general manager of Simplay Labs. “We are excited to deliver this versatile tool for HDMI and MHL customers designing the next-generation of CE and mobile devices.”

Simplay Labs, in conjunction with its distributors, is now taking pre-orders for the SL-881. Production delivery is planned for September 2015. For more information on the SL-881, please visit https://www.simplaylabs.com/manufacturers/Product_Brief.aspx.

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Simplay Labs, LLC, a Lattice Semiconductor company, is the leading provider of standards compliance and interoperability testing services for consumer electronics and mobile devices that incorporate HDMI, MHL, HDCP and WiSA-based technologies.  Simplay Labs and its worldwide Authorized Testing Centers (ATCs) offer device manufacturers a full suite of testing programs, test equipment, development and performance tools designed to ensure the highest level of performance and interoperability amongst devices transmitting and receiving premium digital audio/video content.  Additionally, Simplay Labs provides the PrimePass certification program to verify the transmission of premium content using proven industry standards for content delivery over wired interfaces such as HDMI and MHL, in addition to link protection such as HDCP.

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