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Simplay Labs Releases New HDMI® 2.1 eARC Protocol Analyzer

World’s Leading HDMI2.1 AV vendors using Simplay’s eARC Protocol Analyzer

June 04, 2018 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Simplay™ Labs, LLC, a leading provider of compliance tools, standards and interoperability testing services for consumer electronics (CE) and mobile devices, today announced its SL-870 enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) Protocol Analyzer and Generator. The SL-870 complies with the newly released HDMI 2.1 eARC specification.

Simplay Labs SL-870 eARC TE provided comprehensive protocol test coverage of eARC during the March 2018 HDMI Forum test event. CE manufacturers used the SL-870 debug features (logged test files, common mode waveform capture, etc.) to solve complex failures and to obtain early verification of their products against the Compliance Test Specification (CTS).

The SL-870 supports testing of transmitter and receiver products and implements an impressive 24 of 27 receivers and 31 of 33 transmitter CTS protocol tests, including Common Mode, Audio packet, Audio resolutions, and defined Capabilities tests.

The SL-870 generates 2/8/16/32 channel LPCM streams and compressed Dolby and DTS streams. It also supports usersupplied uncompressed and compressed audio streams. The SL-870 can receive LPCM and compressed streams for output to external test equipment via SPDIF, TOSLink, I2S, and HDMI interfaces. The SL-870 captures and displays control channel information including common mode timing and decoded channel messages. It also validates Audio Return Channel (ARC) fallback mode.

“What matters most is to ensure that anyone can attach these devices together and have them always work perfectly,” said Marshall Goldberg, Product Marketing Manager of Lattice Semiconductor. “Throughout the eARC standardization process, Simplay took a strong leadership role to ensure that the industry’s dream of easy to use, high performance, interoperable home theater sound will succeed.”

“The SL-870 was designed by the same team that wrote the Compliance Test Specification. The engineers worked with leading manufacturers of eARC enabled products at our labs to validate the performance and usability of the SL-870 Protocol Analyzer,” said Solomon Langley, president of Simplay Labs. “We incorporated their feedback and performed additional testing in OEM labs to ensure our design implementation matched their engineers’ requirements.” The SL-870 is available for immediate delivery. For more information on the SL-870, please visit https://www.simplaylabs.com/ProductsServices/Products/HDMI/#earc_protocol.

About Simplay Labs, LLC
Simplay Labs, LLC, is the leading provider of standards compliance and interoperability testing services for consumer electronics and mobile devices that incorporate HDMI, MHL, and HDCP based technologies. Simplay Labs and its worldwide Authorized Testing Centers (ATCs) offer device manufacturers a full suite of testing programs, test equipment, development and performance tools designed to ensure the highest level of performance and interoperability amongst devices transmitting and receiving premium digital audio/video content. Additionally, Simplay Labs provides various design service for HDMI 2.1 and other specifications.

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