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MHL enables consumers to connect a variety of mobile and CE products to TVs and monitors, delivering up to 8K 120 fps for tomorrow’s home theater products and 4K 60 fps and beyond for mobile devices. Simplay Labs has developed products specifically designed to test for MHL compliance and interoperability.

S 800- 5 Slot Platform systems

Simplay Labs UTS 800 “5 Slot” system design enables comprehensive MHL testing by adding testing modules within National Instruments PXI platform, an open industry-standard automated test platform based on high-performance. With our system you just add the module needed, giving testing and service organizations the flexibility to customize the solution for your specific MHL requirements.

Highlights of the UTS 800 “5- slot” system include:

  • Easy-to-add modular evergreen design for lifecycle cost savings
  • Windows® 7, 64-bit Laptop running Simplay labs Custom Test Mgmt. S/W for all modules
  • National Instruments PXI open platform
  • MHL 2.x and 3.x Official CTS testing
  • Lower ownership cost than competitors’ solution
  • Standard-to-standard capability
  • Real world consumer experience testing

Simplay Labs ‘5 Slot’ UTS solution for testing MHL 3.x includes (SL-850,850a, 861, & SL-863) for $59,955. Customers interested in all MHL 3.x Test Equipment items would then add the above plus (SL-402, SL-403 and SL-404 for cable testing)

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Simplay Labs offers a suite of products to test compliance for the MHL 2 specification supporting 1080p60, up to 8 channel audio, Remote Control Protocol (RCP), HDCP 1.4 content protection and more.

  • SL-850 – UTS 800 MHL-CBUS Test Module
  • SL-860/861 – UTS 800 MHL rx/Tx system Analyzer Test Module


Simplay Labs offers a suite of products to test compliance for the MHL 3 specification supporting 4K Ultra HD, simultaneous high-speed data channel, improved Remote Control Protocol (RCP) with support for peripherals such as a touch screen, keyboard and mouse, power charging up to 10W, HDCP 2.2 content protection and more.

  • SL-850 – UTS 800 MHL-CBUS Test Module
  • SL-860/861 – UTS 800 MHL rx/Tx system Analyzer Test Module
  • SL-863 – UTS 800 MHL 3.x AV Link/eCBUS Test Module

MHL 2 Boards

Both of the following are required for testing MHL 2 or 3.

SL-850 – UTS 800 MHL-CBUS Test Module

The MHL-CBUS Explorer Test Module provides hardware interface and exclusive Simplay Labs CBUS Explorer software to fully test CBUS functionality for MHL-enabled products.
It will:
  • Perform all CBUS MHL-ATC tests auto¬matically
  • Monitor & Parse CBUS activities
  • Generate CBUS frames
  • Emulate all MHL device types
  • Includes all features of Simplay Labs standalone CBUS Test System
  • Integrates with other UTS modules

SL-860/861 -UTS 800 MHL Rx/Tx System Analyzer Test Module

The SL-860 MHL Rx/Tx System Analyzer is an essential test tool for developing source and/or sink products enabled with MHL.
It will:
  • MHL Input Stream Capture
  • Analyze AVI InfoFrame & Audio InfoFrame
  • Generate MHL A/V Test Patterns
  • Analyze & re-encode to HDMI compliant output
  • Analyze A/V format, pixel encoding, pixel repetition & quantization range
  • Built in 2 and 4 blocks EDID & monitor EDID access for source DUT test
  • Read and Analyze Sink DUT EDID
  • Transmit & Receive MHL-RCP commands & Opcodes
  • Measure A/V timing
  • Read and Analyze MHL device capability registers
  • Handshake with DUT for discovery in TMDS electrical test

MHL 3 Boards

The following board is included in the MHL 3 bundle. It can be added to the MHL 2 bundle to allow MHL 3 testing.

SL-863 UTS 800 MHL 3.x AVLink/eCBUS Test Module

Simplay Labs MHL 3.0 AVLink/CBUS Analyzer 3.0, SL-863, is designed for MHL Source/Sink/Dongle DUT audio/video/eCBUS testing. The SL-863 analyzer 3.0 is used in conjunction with Simplay Labs Universal Test System (UTS) testing 8-Slot chassis or NEW 5-slot platform.

Other Boards

The following are for specific testing applications. See the individual descriptions for details.


There are two versions of RELT Board; one designed for Agilent probes (SL-402-A) & the other for Tektronix probes (SL-402-T). The RELT board itself provides two functions for testing: Frequency divider and the other is Relay. The Frequency Divider portion of the RELT Board takes the TMDS input from the Device Under Test (DUT) and divides down the frequency to provide a reference clock to the test equipment. The Relay portion of the RELT Board takes eCBUS signals and routes them between DUT and test equipment.

SL-403 CBUS Source/Sink Board

SL-403 CBUS Source/Sink board is used to configure the DUT to facilitate MHL 3 BIST related tests. The SL-403 CBUS Source/Sink board is used in conjunction with SL-402 and Digital Signal Pattern Generator or Digital Oscilloscope, provided by Agilent or Tektronix which validates MHL 3 CTS electrical testing.

SL-404 Cable EMI Tester

The SL-404 Cable EMI Tester is designed and required for MHL 3x cables to test emission level of the cable according to the CTS. The SL-404 is a simple integrated solution for cable manufacturers who need to test their MHL 3X cable before submitting the EMI test results to the ATC for compliance.