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MHL ATC Testing

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Simplay Labs MHL ATC (Authorized Test Center) offers MHL compliance testing services to the MHL adopters. The testing is performed according to MHL compliance test specification (CTS) procedures. Simplay Labs’ MHL testing includes HDCP compliance testing.


  1. Source: Mobile Phone, Portable media players etc.
  2. Sink: HDTVs, Projectors, Monitors
  3. Dongle
  4. Cable


Prior to submitting the online test order form, we strongly suggest you have the appropriate people complete and sign the agreement and forms listed in Step 2 below.
  1. Submit Testing Order Form [ USA ] [ China ] [ Korea ] [ Taiwan ]
  2. Download and complete forms below: either attach in your order form or email to
  3. Notes:
    *On your order form, please provide product return details including the following; carrier, acct#, declared value, HTS/ECCN codes

  4. Once your order has been submitted, an auto confirmation will be emailed to you with your shipping details.
  5. Your order will be processed and an invoice for the testing services ordered will be emailed to the “bill to” contact provided in the order form.
  6. Remit payment (payment must be received prior to your scheduled test date)
    * The test schedule depends on the number of output/input ports, category and function of the product and will be communicated in email by the Simplay Labs ATC Scheduler
    * Credit card payment option is available for US customers only. Contact Simplay Labs directly for this option
  7. Ship product to Simplay Labs MHL ATC, along with any ancillary material & equipment required to operate the product in a typical end-user environment
    * For HDCP testing, product should be able to enable and disable HDCP: otherwise provide two devices (one HDCP enabled and one HDCP disabled)
  8. Simplay Labs will issue test result to the adopter once testing has completed and payment remitted
  9. Reminder, in order for Simplay labs to return your product we will need the following; carrier, acct#, declared value and HTS/ECCN codes. If you do not want your device to be returned a $500.00 disposal fee will be charged.